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Kashmala Tariq On Samaa And Showing Nipples Elsewhere

These vidcaps of Kashmala Tariq are from the Thursday March 27th, 2008 show on Samaa TV, hosted by the same self-important chumpoo who used to do Aaj Subh on Aaj TV some years ago.

Kahmala Tariq was once an Imran Khan groupie who graduated to become part of Musharraf’s stable of hotties. She continues to harp for the ill-fated policies of the last regime that have brought Pakistan to the edge of ruin. She is a Kinnaird College alumni, so all this came easy for her. She was paid for her unflinching services by allowing her to contest elections on behalf of PML(Q) in the last general elections for a National Assembly seat. With her MNA cheque she can now afford to get new knee-pads.

According to her profile from pildat, she is a bright little mynx (but you wouldn’t know it from hearing her yak-it-up) who happens to be married with a kid, which technically makes her a milf. A bonafide experienced and fruitful woman.

She loves horse riding (I am not making this up) and swimming. Who could’ve guessed ?. Those darned lucky horse(s).

But I think it’s fabulous that we have such blonds (under their brunette hair) coloring the political landscape in Pakistan. We have suffered through enough ugliness, baldness, rudeness and vulgarity for long. It’s time we got pretty and cultured bimbos to liven-up the scene.

And now what yall have been waiting for, the picture of Kashmala Tariq nipping.
This picture is a paparazzi photograph. Kashmala is all dolled-up and walking into some gala event. She doesn’t seem to be wearing a bra under her generously sheared designer outfit and her dark nipples, hard enough to cut through steel, are hard to miss.
Notice the leopard print purse and matching sandals. Growl! This is an untamed, wild woman.
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