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Atiqa Odho, From Her Show Atiqa O, On HumTV

Following are the caps of Atiqa Odho, from her new show “Atiqa O”, on HumTV. She is also hosting a children’s show on another channel where certain (connected ?) children are recognized for their distinguishing abilities or achievements.

In this particular show however, Atiqa O, she is playing herself. A career woman who is plowing through her glamorous and eventful life in the showbiz industry. That’s her story, mine is a little different.

I see a delicious milf, laden with the fruits of ripe womanhood, armed with all the weapons of feminine charm who is out to conquer, subdue and use young meat (that’d be you and me) for her darkest pleasures. If that’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

In this particular show, a horny old git masquerading as a businessman and his slippery, scheming assistant plan to lure Atiqa to Dubai, where he hopes to get her in bed, by showering her with the promise of a role in a movie, money and gifts.

At first, Atiqa falls for it and takes their money, but later realizes something’s amiss and sets a trap for them. They arrive at her home and are ambushed by law enforcers who give them the traditional thrashing before taking them in. OK, so It’s not a reality show. It’s all done tongue-in-cheek.

The only thing interesting for me, was how, Atiqa managed to cleverly slip in a toy-boy into the plot. She is sitting with the horny businessman at her house, when in walks a tall Adonis (did I mention he was half her age ?, just ignore me). The guy is all smiles and looks at Atiqa hungrily, as if she were a chicken roll. Atiqa responds by batting her eyelashes appreciatively. I’ve seen that look before. It’s the morning after look, when she’s gotten it good.

The businessman looks worried and his PA asks if he is her son. To which Atiqa takes immediate umbrage and explains to him that he’s her ‘brother’ *wink-wink* *nod-nod*. Yea, rite! lady. Nobody’s buying it. The guy struts around, as if he was doing a runway show, and then steps out of the scene.

There was absolutely no need, as far as the plot was concerned, to put this guy in… unless, she wanted to reinforce her preference for young men. This girl wants it bad and the message is getting across loud and clear, since she has become one of the most sought after MILFs in Pakistan.

Besides, the show is just a vehicle to show-off Ms. Odho’s obvious charms. The caps of her with a newspaper are quite delicious, while her cleavage shots in the mustard dress are a good sign of things to come, down the line. We hope.

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